About Us

Star and Thorn Botanicals is the brainchild of Dana and Briel Driscoll, herbalist sisters located in the Eastern USA (Central New York and Western Pennsylvania).  Dana and Briel grew up in the wooded mountains of Western Pennsylvania, where, with their family, gardened, kept chickens, and grew to love nature.  As adults, they both found their love of herbalism and have cultivated herbalist practice as a lifelong study.

We plan on including all sorts of information on this blog, with weekly posts appearing each Sunday.

  • Local medicinal plants and materia medica
  • Foraging and wildcrafting information, ethics, and tips
  • Exploring children's herbalism and community-based herbalism
  • Talking about little-used local plants
  • Herbal first aid and wilderness first aid
  • Family-based herbalism and the herbal medicine chest
  • Medicine making, herbal recipes, and how-to guides
  • Herbal artwork and creations

Briel is a traditional western herbalist, reiki master teacher and chef currently living in Freeville, NY. Briel has studied Homestead Herbalism under Susan Hess and is a graduate of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine with 7Song. She is currently apprenticing with 7Song through his Herbal Apprenticeship Program and works at the Ithaca Free Clinic. Briel leads plant walks and classes through the FreeSkool in Ithaca, NY. She specializes in childhood education, foraging/wildcrafting skills/ethics and strives towards making botanical medicine accessible to all.

Dana is a traditional western herbalist and certified permaculture designer living in Western Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of  Jim McDonald's Four Season Herbal Intensive and has also studied with New England Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Nature has always been her first teacher.  Dana teaches herbalism classes through the Wise Women's Natural Health Collective in Homer City, PA and also offers plant walks in the area. She is particularly committed to locally-based herbalism using plants available in the North Eastern and Midwest United States, restoring herbal habitat, and in combining herbal practice with permaculture design and ethics.

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